Judging Process

How Judging Process Works?

Each submission is assigned a unique submission reference number. Brands are to be assigned a score for quality and value on a blind-tasting basis. Following this, the package will be brought to the judges for the packaging score.

Q (Quality Score) + Value Score (V) + Package Score (P) = Global Drinks Guides Ratings Score.

A separate weighted score will be given for each of the three parts of the judging process. Quality gets twice the weight. The scores will be calculated with other judges for the same product on the team to give a final score.

  • Quality Score: will be marked out of 100
  • Value Score: will be marked out of 100
  • Package Score: will be marked out of 100

The final out of 100 score will be displayed with each product along with star ratings which will be calculated as per below definition.

  • 5 star - 95 and above points
  • 4 star - 80 to 94 points
  • 3 star - 60 to 79 points
  • 2 star - below 60 points


Quality: Quality will be assessed based on how agreeable the beverage is for its target customer and chemical analysis. Measure quality considering the following characteristics of the beverage: Appearance, Aroma, Body, Taste and Aftertaste.

Value: The objective is to understand how well a particular beverage is priced and what value it offers, greater the quality offered for the price, greater the value score will be.

Package: Packaging will be measured by how well judges think the wine will be perceived by the consumer.

Each city will also curate an automatic list every year by ranking, by product type based on the final scores making it user friendly. You will be able to market your ranking # as well that will be shown as ranking shelf talker as an option in your marketing materials in your zone.